1. deducingmoptopsinthetardis said: don’t we all like bernard sumner lol

Well yes we do, he’s got a nice botty for starters :0)

One of my dream(s) (probably) is to own a Manson guitar. No shit man have you ever seen them? All the guitar models look like they’ve just fallen from outer space, so pretty <3

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Once you get this you must say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send this to 10 of your favourite followers. (Non Negotiable)

Oh gee (breaks hiatus to answer)

1) Erm, I have a big appetite (questionable but nice to me, at least) - it used to be bigger previously but I control it now cos age isn’t very kind to people!

2) I am pretty nice to people in general, with the exception of twats - easygoing and relaxed, again with the exception of twats.

3) I like animals. I like nature too. 

4) *scratches head* I like to make people laugh, be it at myself or at other things but I would never use a sensitive situation to poke fun at people

5) Er I like Bernard Sumner???

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Going on hiatus again because I need to get a life

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my sexual orientation: Video to November spawned a monster.

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there are some photos of the marr that are just so fuckign ridiculous/gross it feels mean to post them but whatever








this is honestly my best post

this is the closest he will ever get to a chubby phase

barney bae johnny bae what on earth are you guys doing

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These T-shirts are actually frickin’ awesome. They are done by Shaina Karasik, an uber New Order fan who also happens to like Barney a lot too (yay!) :-) These are only some examples of the merch you can buy off her Redbubble site, which is here. She also has Morrissey, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, The Cure and many other band merch on her site as well.

I have dibs on the Bernard F*ckin’ Sumner slogan tee, it actually mirrors the Johnny F*cking Marr slogan very well!