Do you feel Ian Curtis was closest to Sumner?

Dang, I don’t really know.. nobody will really know except for Ian and the others, and Barney himself obviously. I don’t think Barney might even be 100% sure.

But what I can probably deduce is Ian’s intellect, and Sumner’s quiet, introspective personality might have allowed them to be close to each other in a way that the others (his bandmates) weren’t, or be able to.

I hope that was a good explanation, thanks anon for the ask :-) I am bad at explaining myself :x

If anyone can find the link to the video of a particular New Order interview on Hong Kong’s TVB I’d gladly post it up here because it’s quite funny (although yes Hooky needs to stop making fun of the interviewer though)

That rock star inspired thing is the only reason why I’d like a man’s blazer, but the last time I wanted to buy one the salesgirl went ‘But that’s for a guy, not for a girl’ - er also the price for a piece of clothing in this country scares me