Too much half naked Barney in one sitting *trembles*

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why the hell do I find this so funny

is it because of his exceptionally large…forehead

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Gothic Glam:::Natasha Poly by Willy Vanderperre for Vogue China November 2012

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trainspotting + text posts // part 1


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nylso’s work from tunes: a comic history of rock and roll (my own scans)

didn’t much care for the book as a whole but i love his pages in it. so apt for the bands he chose, makes me feels pangs of nostalgia for being 17 and loitering around crown hill. wish i could find more of his stuff online

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"wheres your homework"


"why is your room so messy"


"why do you always look so tired"


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I feel you boy
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Someone shld come up with a New Order quiz on QuizUp I’d bet I would score perfectly on that. Also how the hell would I know which Blur album charted on the UK top ten bloody hell

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Joy Division, 2nd October 1979: Mountford Hall, Liverpool University On tour with the Buzzcocks